Trainers, behaviourists, re-homers and passionate dog lovers, have realised that many of the behavioural problems they saw in many dogs resulted from a lack of understanding of correct training and socialisation.


At Citidogs we have worked with over 600 dogs and many elite behaviourists over five years. As a result we have refined our unique day care programmes to ensure each dog is given individual care and attention with a high ratio of trained staff.

Just a few of the benefits of your best friend attending Citidogs are:

  • Cost effective and complete solution for day care and other services
  • Increase in your dog’s health, vitality and well-being
  • Advice when you need it
  • Well exercised dog
  • Your dog can play and socialise all day in a safe and large environment
  • Peace of mind and freedom from anxiety for you when you can’t be there
  • A happy content dog with a waggy tail