Rest Rooms

Depending on the age of our pupils, they are allocated their own Indoor Rest Rooms and space. Over the last 8 years we have studied our dogs and their behaviour patterns and we fully appreciate the different age groups have very different needs. We have created the different Rest Rooms (and also outdoor playgrounds) to reflect this.


This is where the puppies and Tweenies rest three times a day; they have a morning nap, post lunch rest and afternoon snooze. It’s hard work growing up and they need all of the help they can get to ensure they are not over exercised or stimulated to develop into healthy and happy grown-ups.


The mature dogs all hang out here to rest on sofa’s whenever they choose to. They have access at all times and we leave them to regulate themselves, unless we see a few really over doing it and then we positively encourage time out for rest!

Senior’s Quarter

To ensure our more mature pooches get the opportunity to rest peacefully whenever they need to, we recently created this rest room for them to call their own. These guys when they reach the age of 9 onwards tend to like things a tad more chilled, no puppies eating their ears or youngsters bouncing on top of them to get to the sofa, so this is their ‘chilling’ room with slippers, cardigans and relaxing music – and why not, they deserve it!